Duck Island Partners (DIP) will offer 25 exceptional black Composite Bulls for sale on Monday, 6th February, 2017.

Duck Island Partners runs 3,000 Composite commercial cattle whose performance, on-ground and in the market place, sets standards for innovation and leadership in the cattle industry.

Temperament, fertility, calving percentage, structural correctness, weight gain and meat quality underpin the fact that diversity is strength in every aspect of cattle management and production.

Duck Island Composites are without peer.

Duck Island Composites are PCAS, MSA and EU accredited.

All inspections welcome. 



What a difference a season of comprehensively good rainfall makes! Images of the 2017 DIP Composite Bulls are entirely different from those of the dry year of 2016. The 25 DIP bulls for sale are exceptional, paddock-reared animals. They are the result of 40 years of performance recording and  comprehensive critical evaluation that underpins DIP cattle breeding and management. They are soft, big-bodied, high growth, structurally correct animals with great style and quiet temperament. 18 out of the 25 carry the double-black, homozygous black gene. All are homozygous poll.

2 elite sires, Te Mania Emperor E343  and TSN Protégé Z986 each have 7 bulls out of the DIP 25 bulls on offer.

The Australian pure Angus, Te Mania Emperor E343 set the Trans Tasman record when he sold for $91,000 in 2011. Emperor ranked number one for Rib Fat, EMA and weight among his 410 contemporary bulls at Te Mania. His proven pedigree and balanced Breedplan figures underline his genetic appeal. 

TSN Protégé Z896 is a USA, 50% Angas x 50% Simmental who offers great diversity impact and a pedigree that is based on two of the American cattle industry’s greatest success stories. The bull’s Angas sire GAR-EQL Protégé was no 1 Profit Index bull at the ABS trials at Circle A and at Leachmans. “His dam is a Hooks Shear Force daughter. Shear Forceis perhaps the most used all round carcass bull in the breed today. Shear Force is like the 036 was for Angas. “ Bill Cornell, ABS,  email to JAD, (20:3:14). He has a strong topline, good structure, friendly temperament, is stylish and highly profitable. 

I have great confidence in the 2017 offering of Composite Bulls. DIP Composites have a reputation for ease of handling, correctness, longevity and all-round performance. Their acknowledged fertility and outstanding weight gains set standards for the Australian beef industry. The 2017 DIP Composite Bulls are exceptional animals.

Come and see for yourself.

James Darling

Principal, Duck Island Partners.

"Duck Island Composites are the benchmark herd for fertility in heifers in Australia,"

David Plant, Southern X Genetics

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Diversity is strength in every aspect of cattle management & production. 


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