Duck Island Partners (DIP) will offer 21 black Composite bulls for sale from 9.00 – 5pm on Tuesday, 9th February, 2016.

Duck Island Partners runs 3,000 Composite commercial cattle whose performance, on-ground and in the market place, sets standards for innovation and leadership in the cattle industry.

Temperament, fertility, calving percentage, structural correctness, weight gain and meat quality underpin the fact that diversity is strength in every aspect of cattle management and production.

Duck Island Composites are without peer.

Duck Island Composites are PCAS, MSA and EU accredited.

All inspections welcome. 



The Duck Island 2016 Composite bulls have always been a very friendly herd. They settled with each other long ago.

They are easy to get on with, but difficult to photograph. Difficult to get each one to separate and to stand correctly in the paddock.

Things have changed.

After most welcome rain,  I consider the bulls are progressing in leaps and bounds.

Performance figures, (weight, fat, EMA & IMF%}, have improved significantly since first being scanned 60 days ago (2:11:15), for example:

Eye Muscle Area:                           2:11:15          1:2:16          Increase

Autumn Herd 2014 Composites        95               107                  12

Spring  Herd 2014 Composites        88               103                  15 (All measurements cm2).

I would expect further performance improvement.

Pen numbers and prices will be available on this site from 4:2:16

James Darling.

Duck Island Partners.

"Duck Island Composites are the benchmark herd for fertility in heifers in Australia,"

David Plant, Southern X Genetics

14 Autumn Herd Bulls

14 Spring Herd Bulls

Diversity is strength in every aspect of cattle management & production. 


James Darling


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Stuart Rivaz


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